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Sepaga Website & Social Media

The client needed a brand new website to showcase their services and expand their customers & partners. A user-friendly website was created with a clean design and easy-to-navigate features. It contains all the tools that the visitors may need.

Honda Cyprus Social Media

A solid strategy to reach and increase traffic to the website with a monthly calendar and 3 different audiences per campaign. Beforehand, we had to add important missing features to the website e.g. Google Analytics, Meta Pixel, Search button, SEO tool and another few extras.

VT Motors Ltd Website

Client wanted a website to showcase their in stock cars and also advertise Pre-order cars. Visitors can search via brand, model, price etc. A function for users to submit an offer to sell their cars was also added.

Tutto Firmato Website

The client needed a user-friendly website to display their products and also drive onlinse sales. The website is fast and easy to use with clean design.

D'LishBites Website & Social Media

This a new business that provides healthy meals, coffee, drinks etc. They needed a landing page to divert customers to Foody, Wolt, Bolt & also track data from visitors. Their Social Media were build from the ground up to support their efforts to penetrate the market.

QuikQube Website & Social Media

QuikQube was a Youtube Advertising service that aimed to advertise the client’s videos in order to receive awareness. QuikQube was the predecessor of Dystopia. The service is now defunct.

Fusionwelders Website

Fusionwelders is a welding & metal construction company. They needed a website to showcase their services but also includes a few ready to buy metal furniture.