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Digital VS Traditional Marketing

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The last few years there has been a rise in Digital Marketing. Especially after the introduction of Social Media, digital ads have exploded. It’s not suprising at all and definately this did not happen by accident.

Digital Media are much more approachable to the audience but most importantly to the Marketeers. It’s more plausible for an entry-level company to have Digital presence than to be in the traditional media (TV, radio, press etc.)

Traditional Media have their limitations; The biggest of them is its high cost. Also, they work one-way and do not have the tools the receive feedback from the viewer. They don’t have any measurable analytics and their schedule is pre-determined months before the launch. Whereas in Digital Media all of the above, are exactly the opposite.

Digital Media give more power and control to the Marketeer that has ever been possible! The marketeer can control the budget even to the last cent; He/she can pause or stop campaigns early on, without loosing more money if they ad did not perform well. The Marketeer can change settings such as demographics & interests targeting and adjust their cost per action.

Localisation: Imagine watching an American TV series on satellite while you are in Europe. An advertisement comes up. Guess what is it? It’s an American ad shown to you (a viewer in Europe). Now imagine a Canadian Youtuber that has viewers everywhere around the globe. The American viewer will see American ads, the Indian viewer will see Indian ads, the Italian viewer will see Italian ads and so on. All that while watching the exact same video from the exact same Youtuber! There has never been such a localisation of ad content, and was practically impossible before the introduction of Social Media & Platforms.

Most importantly Digital Media do not require high priced contracts with bureaucratic agencies. A marketeer can do most of the job in-house and end a campaign whenever is more convenient.

They are more appealing to businesses/people with low budgets; Indeed, a young company is more likely to start using Digital Media than Traditional. The low (and adjustable) cost makes it easier for them to enter the market.

Availability in many platforms. The marketeer can choose from a wide range of platforms to advertise depending on the profile of the audience they are trying to reach. Most popular are Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin etc.

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