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Mobile VS Desktop Usage in 2019

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A critical decision for marketeers is to decide in which format they should give more emphasis. The numbers dramatically increased within the last 5 years! Back in 2013, mobile traffic only accounted for 16.2% worldwide. In 2018 it surpassed desktop traffic by a lot and hit 52.2% worldwide. This number indicates what kind of devices the users prefer to use.

Of course, you cannot ditch desktop users and ignore their different format. Although the majority of people use mobiles for their daily activities, they still prefer desktop devices to make purchases.

The best solution to that is “responsive” websites, which adapt their UI depending on the device that the user is using!

Using a responsive website, allows the user to browse through the website and find the products/services he/shes is interested in and continue on their desktop to finalize the purchase. The websites are comfortable to use in both formats. So, everybody wins!

So if your website, is using a dated CMS and/or theme, try to invest on a modern UI that will enhance performance in all formats. Also, using Google Analytics you can find how many % of your users are using mobile over desktop.

What should the Marketeer know?
A Marketeer should “follow the eyes”. You want to place ads where most people are looking at! In other words, what kind of devices are most people watching nowadays? Which social media platforms do they prefer? In what environment are they more likely to engage? For example, an ad within a mobile game might not get conversions because the user it absorbed in the game and his/her attention is focused only on that. This insight can help you split your budget more efficiently.

Check out this real data from a website. Screenshot taken on 27/8/2019.

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