The origins


Our story

How did Dystopia evolve to become what it is today? From the experimentation with a Gaming website built for fun, to a Boutique Digital Marketing agency. era

Our history can be traced back to 2004, when our founder embarked on his first endeavor to establish a website. Utilizing phpBB + Postnuke, the website was crafted as a Gaming community encompassing a wide range of news, support forums, articles, and freeware programs. This marked a significant milestone in the realm of Web Development, as every step involved manual execution.


First steps in Digital Marketing

The initial foray of our founder into this sector involved overseeing and advertising Vitpharmacy, an internet-based retailer of supplements catering specifically to the Cyprus market, which was quite uncommon during that period. Although Vitpharmacy was owned by the business proprietor, it served as an initial introduction to the realm of Digital Marketing.


Digital Marketing as an employee

These years in Digital Marketing were incredibly productive and educational. The majority of valuable knowledge and effective strategies were developed and refined during this period. Collaborating with various agencies and working as an employee provided an excellent opportunity to fully immerse in the world of Digital Marketing.



QuikQube era

QuikQube was established in the year 2020, this time utilizing WordPress as its platform. The company provided simplified Youtube Advertising services through a service catalog. Primarily catering to indie artists, QuikQube helped them promote their work in the highly competitive music market.


Dystopia.Marketing era

Freelancing projects under the brand "Dystopia.Marketing" commenced in 2021. As of 2021, the accumulated knowledge and expertise have reached a level of maturity that enables the provision of comprehensive Digital Marketing solutions. The years of practice and experimentation have contributed to this maturity, allowing for the delivery of turnkey solutions to clients.