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What Is The Deal With Pi Currency? Is It A Scam?

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Before stating anything else, the important part is that is works by invitation only! You need a reference in order to proceed with the mining, so here you go: mgz069 or go to .

What is the deal with it?

Pi Currency is a mobile specific crypto-currency platform created by Stanford University graduates that allows everyday people to mine from their phone.

It does not draw any resources such as battery or processing power from your mobile device.

It allows you to add more people to your circle, thus increasing your mining rate.

Note: As of today (23/1/2020), Pi has exceded 2.5 million users!

How do I start?

  1. Download the app for your device:
  2. Follow the instructions to register your account
  3. When asked for a reference code type mgz069

What are the pros & cons of this app?

  • It’s FREE!
  • It does not get any access to your data
  • It has no ads!
  • It doesn’t use any resources (power, battery)
  • It’s a brand new start-up and early adopters will have an advantage
  • It can increase its mining rate by adding more people to your circle
  • You can’t loose money. This is not an investment.


  • You have to re-enable it every 24 hours
  • It may never hit the markets and have any value


Since it’s cost FREE, does not have any real risk and does not waste resources, there is NO reason why not to use this app!

For all you know, the worst that could happen is that it doesn’t make to the markets and its value remains zero.

But, what do you have to lose if you want to give a try? Many disbelievers were against BitCoin back in the day too!

The decision is purely your own.

Reference code: mgz069

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