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Why Is Mobile UI/UX so important?

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The need for every website/app to have a mobile UI/UX, has become necessary especially during the last 10 years! This is mainly due to the explosion of mobile devices use in comparison to desktop devices.

Just around 10 years ago, the user experience was vastly different than it is today. Even talking about basic web browsing from your mobile device. Just take a look at the picture below to see how the experience was. It was basically a miniaturized version of how you see the website on your desktop.

Imagine how incredibly hard it was for a user to browse and read news in back then. It didn’t even worth bothering using your mobile device for this kind of tasks. Or how difficult it was to zoom in and click on the buttons you want. Remember, the websites were originally designed to be used on a large screen and using a tiny pointer with your mouse.

Today, though, this experience has vastly improved! You rarely come across such horrible websites. The large majority of websites that want to be taken seriously, have a Mobile UI that responses to the size of each screen. Newer websites may even design their UI around mobile devices.

Today’s user experience is so smooth and the interaction with our mobile devices have become extremely intuitive. It has improved so much (whereas desktop experience has remained largely the same) that a lot of users rely only on their mobile devices for their day-to-day tasks.

The increase of mobile device use doesn’t seem to stop any time soon; especially with big markets like India, Central Africa and Asia not having reached their maximum mobile use yet!

Conclusion: Developers and businesses must prioritize Mobile UI/UX. There might be a time in the future that desktop devices will only be used for professional use and all day-to-day tasks will be carried using mobile devices.

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